Husband’s Fantasy

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   Husband’s Fantasy.


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I am Muslim male,single, 30 yrs old, from Bangladesh… all kinds of sex…want to enjoy sex along with my wife…i want to marry a Muslim, sexy, exhibitionist,open sex minded girl…I want to share my wife with my Hindu friends & also Hindu strangers…they can fuck my beloved wife in front of me / in absent of me [as his wish ] ….My home is for Hindu, my wife is for Hindu..They can use my wife as their own wife / prostitute / rendi / magi whatever they like…Even i will suck his [ Hindu ] penis to make him hot for fucking my sweet wife , i will clean up his cum from my wife’s pussy.

Every human has two faces within them like two faces of a coin, one is good and the other is bad. The good side in me tells that the content in my page is against my religion but the dark side in me that enjoys the content. This is the nature of every humans, the dark nature in every humans enjoys the forbidden sin.

HINDU GUYS ARE EDUCATED, BROAD MINDED, MORE LIBERAL TO THEIR WOMAN.For this, hindu girls are enjoying their life,sex.They can wear short, sleeveless, kholamela dress. I want my wife in such a slutty dress. I am muslim & know it’s sin , but i love forbidden fruite. Hindu men are bold and confident in bed.I like their uncut penis which is so strong, nice looking & more innocent. I think, all muslim girl will like it [ if she remove guilty of sin from her mind].  HINDU ARE MORE DARING AND VERILE WITH MUSLIM GIRLS than muslimboys , HINDU PENIS IS 100 TIMES MORE BEAUTIFUL

Is there any Muslim girl having fantasy to fuck others than husband ?……then marry me…….. Is there any Hindu boy who wants to fuck my Muslim wife?

About me…Looking for Hot girl to marry her.

I am muslim, 30 yrs, male, single, from BangladeshImage….i am crazy about sex. I like all type of sex. [Gay sex (during MFM), group sex, oral sex,sex in public places etc…& all kinds of perverted sex.].I like to read choti, bangla choti & all kind of porno megazins.These influenced me very much.Now i like to implied these in my life. So here i am looking for a such a girl who helps me to fulfill my dreams.
I would like to suck and lick your vagina and taste the liquid from your vagina. I also like to sup and lick
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